Paraiso. Trailer


A Journey to Paradise

MA Moving Image Final Project. (Dissertation)

Buy Xanax Malaysia The aim of this project is to devise an intermedia experience, a hybrid perfomance, combining mixed reality with live performance, where the immersive technology is at the service of the narrative. Live acting will be at the core of the performance, in which we will consider the traditional concepts of immersion, atmosphere, presence, and engagement used for centuries in the traditional theatre practice, intertwined with the interpretation of these concepts within the immersive technologies research and practice. We are currently developing the mixed reality platform that will allow this kind of experiences using the Microsoft HoloLens. The audience will be able to see the set and other characters evolving and transforming the space where the action happens via the headset. The short film Paraiso – A journey to Paradise shows my vision of what an audience could experience via the mixed reality platform. I believe theatre should always be connected with society and its problems. The refugee crisis, the topic chosen for this live performance, is one of the current most dramatic issues. Millions of people are displaced due to wars and economic reasons, most of these refugees are taken in by countries near crisis-hit areas, not by wealthy western countries.

Immersive experience enhances the message of the content. The closer to the real experience, the easier to empathize and relate to other realities. It raises the impact created, no matter what the content is. The mixed reality experience can help to deliver the message compellingly, helping the audience to truly understand the dramatic situation on a human level, reaching a higher empathy with the subject.

Theatre aspires to stop time and embark the audience upon a journey full of fascination and surprise, oblivious to the world outside during the performance, to come back transformed and moved by the experience. With this project, I aim to introduce new technologies while keeping the live performing experience at its core to empower the medium to reach a wider audience more compellingly.

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